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Recent Publications

Barrow Street: "The Questions in Our Dreams"

Inlandia: "Interruptions," "I'm Sorry, I Can't Help You"

Memorious: "Museum & Train, again" 

Saw Palm: "Ghost Music," "Night Beside a Spring"

Selected Poems Online

Birmingham Arts Review“The Pace of Things”

Brain, Child: the Magazine for Thinking Mothers: “In the Absence of My Son”

Connotation Press: "Transposition," "What Will Stay?," "Lessons in Leaving the Ground"

The Literary Nest: “Roots”

Palette Poetry: "Slipped Stitches"

Puerto del Sol: "Wanting to Know Why"

Rattle: “Between Missing and Found"

The Southern ReviewA Short History of Leavening"

SWWIM:  "On the Colors of Houses"

The Sun Magazine“Without Tending”

What Rough Beast: "Their Piece" (in response to the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford)16

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