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At Home WitH English

Online English Classes for Speakers of English

as a Second Language 

Custom Individual Classes

Custom-designed to fit your needs, these classes provide the opportunity to develop the English skills you'd like to improve. A free 20 minute consultation is provided, after which, should you choose to proceed, we come up with a timeline and a unique plan combining the areas of focus that suit you. Homework is assigned as desired and gone over together for each class.

Areas of Focus for Individual Classes

  • Business Communication: writing emails, memos, and presenting at meetings with greater comfort and skill

  • Targeted Pronunciation Practice: strengthen your ability to produce sounds and phrasing for greater understanding

  • Everyday Listening and Speaking Practice: develop your comprehension of others and their comprehension of you

  • Idioms and Problematic Phrases: Strengthen your idiomatic English and clear up confusion of phrasal verbs like the difference between get in, get out, get up, get on with, and many more!

  • Grammatical Improvements: We'll determine your greatest areas of need in grammar and practice them in oral and written communication

  • College and Essay Writing Editing and Support: from brainstorming to proofreading, we work together step by step on all parts of the essay writing process, or focus in on the parts you need the most

  • Specific Support for such needs as Job Interview Practice, Presentation Development, Business proposals, and Essay writing (Minimum 2 sessions)

  • ELL (English-Language Learners) support for Elementary school students in all subject areas


If interested, please fill out this form and I will be in touch with you soon!

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