At Home WitH English

Online English Classes for Speakers of English

as a Second Language 

Custom Individual Classes

Custom-designed to fit your needs, these classes provide the opportunity to develop the English skills you'd like to improve. A free 20 minute consultation is provided, after which, should you choose to proceed, we come up with a timeline and a unique plan combining the areas of focus that suit you. Homework is assigned as desired and gone over together for each class.

Areas of Focus for Individual Classes

  • Business Communication: writing emails, memos, and presenting at meetings with greater comfort and skill

  • Targeted Pronunciation Practice: strengthen your ability to produce sounds and phrasing for greater understanding

  • Everyday Listening and Speaking Practice: develop your comprehension of others and their comprehension of you

  • Idioms and Problematic Phrases: Strengthen your idiomatic English and clear up confusion of phrasal verbs like the difference between get in, get out, get up, get on with, and many more!

  • Grammatical Improvements: We'll determine your greatest areas of need in grammar and practice them in oral and written communication

  • College and Essay Writing Editing and Support: from brainstorming to proofreading, we work together step by step on all parts of the essay writing process, or focus in on the parts you need the most

  • Specific Support for such needs as Job Interview Practice, Presentation Development, Business proposals, and Essay writing (Minimum 2 sessions)

  • ELL (English-Language Learners) support for Elementary school students in all subject areas

$30 per hour sessionPayments are made per week after classes are received. Flexibility is given in case of rescheduling needs, preferably with 24 hours notice.

If interested, please fill out this form and I will be in touch with you soon!